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Keywords: Poetry Analysis, Corona, Semiotics
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2021
Publisher: Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara
Series/Report no.: UISU210087;
Abstract: This study aimed to analyse the poem "Corona, Tak Usah Kau Datang" by Mihar Harahap with a semiotic approach. It is carried out as a technique in an effort to develop a creative understanding of literary works. The understanding literary works is not easy, so it is necessary to analyse and appreciate the language of poetry and its elements (physical and inner poetry). One way to understand the meaning more intensely is through the semiotic approach. After the analysis was carried out, the writer underlined that the word "Corona" as a language object and as a "sign" consists of sound symbols of the letters / C /, / O /, / R /, / O /, / N /, / A /. In semiotic studies, Corona in Latin means "crown" is a convention or the result of a World Health Organization (WHO) agreement in 2019, or well known as COVID -19. The word “Corona” by the poet was placed as the title of his poem which is an expressive form of rejection of Corona disease as a sign or symbol of a dangerous disease that brings disaster, especially soul and body and is now plaguing the economy, social, political, moral, ideological and educational in people's lives generally. The turbulent and expressive spirit of the poet is expressed in the form of poetry with a patriot spirit, but at the end of the story the poetry is a form of understanding of the meaning of the poem. The message conveyed by the poet is that as a nation and state to love the homeland, to protect it from any internal and external crimes such as the hidden crime of the Corona Virus disease, and remind that all creatures will eventually return to the God.
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