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Keywords: Existentialism, Feminist, Movements, Woman
Issue Date: 11-Sep-2023
Publisher: Fakultas Magister Sastra, Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara
Series/Report no.: UISU230443;71210422001
Abstract: Thesis Title: MOTHER'S INDIVIDUAL MOVEMENTS PORTRAYED IN MOMMY'S NOVEL LAYANGAN PUTUS : EXISTENTIALIST FEMINISM Abstract The research is concerned with Woman's movements portrayed in Mommy’s novel Layangan Putus. It objectively finds and discusses mother's individual movements through Transcendences to uphold the Existences, Particularly In an attempt to overcome and improve herself, even without a husband's supports which is showed by Kinan, the main female character in Mommy's novel Layangan Putus. It is analyzed using a feminist literary criticism approach which states the literary work is related to a woman as one of the characters in the story. This research is conducted using a descriptive qualitative method proposed by Creswell. The theory applied in this research is adopted from Simone de Beauvoir (Existentialist feminism theory). The findings concern on the woman's movements described in the novel by using Simone de Beauvoir's theory which is expected to analyze and identify of women's movements through Beauvoir's existentialist feminism which has devided various women movements in an attempt to overcome and improve themselves, called Transcendences. The results show that Kinan as the main female character can overcome and improve herself in Life which is evidenced by Four transcendences of Beauvoir's theory to uphold her existences as a manifestation of mother's individual movements, Namely: Kinan is able to work, Kinan is able to become intellectual, Kinan is able to achieve social transformation, And Kinan is able to refuse the role of otherness. Keywords: Existentialism, Feminist, Movements, Woman
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