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Keywords: Stand Up Comedy, Script, Conventional Implicature, Conversational Implicature
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2022
Publisher: Fakultas Sastra, Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara
Series/Report no.: UISU210396;
Abstract: This research focuses on implied meaning in Stand Up Comedy Dark Skin and Getting Married by Saikiran using Grice theory of implicature, and it is conducted by describing and analyzing the types of Implicature in Stand Up Comedy. This research is made up by using a descriptive qualitative method to process the data, and therefore the data which are originally taken from the script of the Stand Up Comedy can be analyzed well. The analysis reveals some points covering certain types of implicature. The writer finds 17 data that are included as the entries of the implicatures. The types of implicature are divided into two types i.e. Conventional Implicatures and Conversational Implicatures. Conventional Implicature is associated with the general meaning and also related to specific words (but, and, even). Meanwhile, Conversational Implicature is divided into two namely: generalized conversational implicature and particularized conversational implicature. There are 13 data belonging to Conventional Implicatures and 4 data belonging to conversational implicatures (2 data Generalized Conversational implicatures and 2 data particularized conversational implicatures). The results of this study indicate some findings covering the formulated research problems. The findings reveal that Saikiran uses implicature when he wants the audiences understand about his life condition in funny ways. Thus, the audiences will have difficulty to understand if they do not know the context.
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