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Title: Analysis of The Prosperity Level and The Satisfaction Level of The Household Beneficiaries Target of Raskin Program
Authors: Thamrin, Muhammad; Novita, Desi; Tanjung, Dinda Ardrina
Keywords: well-being
Contentment, Raskin Program
Issue Date: 23-May-2017
Publisher: Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara
Abstract: ABSTRACT This research is to analyze the prosperity level and the satisfaction level of households beneficiaries target of Raskin Program. This research was conducted in in Desa Batu Malenggang, Kecamatan Hinai, Kabupaten Langkat. The level of household well-being measured is compared between the average household spending per capita of Rp/month with the Kabupaten Langkat poverty line with attributes (indicator) program that is analyzed is right on target, right amount, right price, right time, right quality and proper administration. This research uses descriptive statistical methods with Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) and the analysis of the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). The results showed that households who fall into the category of the poor as much as 39 households or 54.9% and as much as 32 households or 45.1% sign in the category are not poor. Based on Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) that analyze the level of satisfaction with the level of interest rate and the level of program implementation can then result is that is the most appropriate program attributes (94%) is "the right price: payment of the Ransom Price Raskin is Rp1,600/kg", and most attribute the low level of conformity/inappropriate (22%) is "the right amount: the amount of rice 15kg/month for 12 months". Based on Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) that determines the overall level of customer satisfaction by considering the importance of indicators or attributes of quality services and products in the index values of the Raskin Program obtained 55% that shows you the entire program attributes Raskin entered in the category of "quite satisfied". Key words: well-being, Contentment, Raskin Program
Description: ii, 274 p.: ilus.; 23 cm
ISBN: 978-602-6997-70-8
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